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Local's Quotes about fairtrade

Bolton Primary Care Trust is working with partner organisations to improve the health of the Bolton population. Supporting Fairtrade gives us a great opportunity to make our contribution to work going on across the globe, to improve the health and well-being of farmers and their families who provide us with products that we use every day.
Jan Hutchinson, Director of Public Health, Bolton PCT

We all have dreams and aspirations of living in a fair world, so buying Fairtrade goods is one very practical way of making positive things happen in third world countries.
Thaira Rasheed, Health and Care Co-ordinator, Bolton CVS




We are delighted that Fairtrade tea, coffee and confectionery is now available throughout the Palace of Westminster. We can all enjoy Fairtrade products whether we are in Bolton or the House of Commons.
Brian Iddon MP, Ruth Kelly MP, David Crausby MP


I am very proud to see Bolton as a Fairtrade Town and I welcome the Fairtrade cups of tea and coffee which keep me going through the day.
Councillor Barbara Ronson, Leader, Bolton MBC





Chocolate, tea and coffee, three everyday items we all use! Choose the 'Fairtrade' versions of these products - you not only get great quality, you go a long way to bringing financial help to aid education and alleviate poverty for those less fortunate than you or me. The world is our market-place so let's shop around and help our global neighbours!
Norman Prince, BBC Radio Broadcaster, Comedian

I regularly buy the Fairtrade pineapple and cashew bars because they taste great and keep me healthy and the farmers who produce them can provide a better income for their families.
Sasha Roper, Justicia Fair World Shop volunteer
Fairtrade products include a wide variety of items from pasta to spices and snackbars. Everytime we buy these products we ensure that the producers receive a fair deal, thus enabling them to a better life. Look out for the logo.
Kamalini Cook, Fairtrade customer

Fairtrade goods are top quality and widely available and they give people in Third World countries jobs and a real future. Now you can't say fairer than that ...'
Angela Kelly, Chief Feature Writer, Bolton Evening News


We drink Fairtrade Cafediréct coffee all the time - it's a great taste.
Joanna Jowett and Advertising Team, Newsquest (Bolton) Ltd


Look for Fairtrade products. They do exactly what they say on the bag, box or bottle, by providing a sustainable livelihood for disadvantaged small producers, in order that they can avoid poverty and debt; send their kids to school; and pay the bills. AND they taste amazing as well. So result all round.
Dave Spikey, Comedian, Actor, Writer


Everyone in our college supports Fairtrade, after all, if buying chocolate helps to decrease exploitation, it is a just and worthwhile cause.

Emma Gething, Amy Grundy, Emily Bassarab, John Loynd, Joanna Sewell, Heather Lucas and Libby Meredith. Bolton Catholic Sixth Form Centre (left to right on photo)


Our university shop and Athena Cafe both stock an extensive selection of Fairtrade products and have done for several years. We are proud supporters of Fairtrade and will be celebrating and actively promoting its endeavours during Fairtrade Fortnight and beyond.
Molly Temple CBE, Former Vice Chancellor, The University of Bolton


I do believe in Fairtrade, even if it means we have to pay a bit more for our food. I think the farmers producing the crops should get a fair price for their work.
Harold Hunter, Boltonian of the Year 2004,
Chairman of Bolton Patients Council for Mental Health





There are not only Fairtrade footballs, but other things like coffee and chocolate. We're glad that this football hasn't been made by other children.
Paddy Brady (aged 10) Captain, St Mary's Deane Primary School Football Team

If this allows the kids in the producing countries to get a proper education... And play football instead of being used as slave labour, then Fairtrade is a good thing.
Sam Allardyce, Manager, Bolton Wanderers FC



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